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The new Perrier….or is it?

September 25, 2010

This week the Paris authorities have determined to show the world that water in Paris is fit to drink without resorting to forking out cash for this daily essential in its “wrapped in a bottle” version…

Unveiled in the Reuilly Garden (or Jardin de Reuilly), near Nation in the 12th Arrondissement , the sparkling water will be free and available whenever the park is open.

La Pétillante Fountain

It is part of the public water system, installed in an old converted hut in the garden. The water is cooled by a cooling system to be absolutely fresh for drinking. The bubbles come from the addition of carbon dioxide as in the branded and bottled version, Perrier.

“La Pétillante” is the first fountain in France to do this, although the idea has already been working in Italy for some time. Both the city and Eau de Paris, the capital’s public water supplier want to boost the image of Paris tap water, even at a cost of €75,000 for this one fountain. Despite public campaigns to improve the image of tap water, the ingrained Parisian habit of purchasing drinking water has meant that enormous quantities of plastic waste has been produced with disastrous consequences for the environment.

The idea is to see how this goes…but maybe the idea will be copied in other parks around the capital…. So go try it out next time you are here…cheers!

Jardin de Reuilly

Adresse :
Avenue Daumesnil
75012 Paris

Nearest Metro Montgallet, line 8…

Opening times: between 8am & 9.30am

Closing times: according to the season but earliest 5pm in winter and latest 9.30pm in high summer.

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