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Gotta go to REHAB !!

January 17, 2011
recycling art

a walk in the forest

Take a look at this piece of 3D art. It’s a forest scene right? Have a closer look…. in fact it’s all made of cardboard. So this is a creative alternative to recycling…

The REHAB exhibition at the EDF Foundation has just been extended to March 6th. There are several artists exhibiting who are all seeking to promote the use for what we would otherwise call RUBBISH (or TRASH) in a very creative way. Now I wouldn’t say that all of it impressed me, but what do I know about modern art? But there were several pieces that were really excellent – this rubber tyre palm tree for instance…a chicken or egg situation in a funny sort of way.

Also on the way into the Expo I came across what seemed to be a various piles of rubbish in no particular order…BOF I said to myself in a very french way, but the nice man in the basement explained it to me. In fact it was quite surprising too if only you knew what to look at. There is a live camera stream on the various piles and the trick is that the 3D items are projected onto a 2D screen which reveals a “living picture” (much better and not at all like the piles in front of it) which you could lean over and put your hand into if the guards are willing, else they will show you themselves.

The EDF* Foundation “Diversiterre” hosts various exhibitions all in the vein of the environment or social responsibility/ health and culture


6 Rue Récamier , Paris 75007

Metro Sèvres-Babylone or St Sulpice

* EDF = Electricité de France


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