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Alpine Icing on the Cake

January 21, 2011

Well there wont necessarily be cake, but there will be lots of fancy icing…

Some of the most amazing sculptures you will see in France this month wont last very long. Failing serious climactic cooling, in a few weeks time they will be mere memories of their former selves.
…these sculptures are ephemeral art made of ice and snow.

Down in the French Alps the ski station of Valloire-Galibier is the location of the 20th annual snow & ice sculpture contest this coming week. 17 teams from around the world take part (artists can join in even if they have never seen snow before) and the public gets a chance to vote too!

The ice contest takes place on the Verney’s Plateau about 2km from Valloire. The teams have 72 hours to work their magic starting on Thursday night. Prizegiving is on Sunday around midday. Then a week later it’s the turn of the snow sculptors.

Obviously these beauties wont be going anywhere fast so even if you pass by in the next few weeks you should still be able to see them. Enjoy them while they last!!

21-23 & 25-28 January 2011

Office de Tourisme Valloire Tel : 04 79 59 03 96

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