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Be my Valentine ….alternative ideas for your romantic stay in Paris

February 7, 2011

Valentine’s Day conjures up the image of Paris with red roses, chocolates and wine. But once you get here what do you do? Where do you go to? How to keep it original and avoid the cliché?……Try out these ways to celebrate February 14th with that special person in your life.

Keep with a Parisian tradition and attach a padlock to the bridge “Pont des Arts”. Write your names on first of course and then lock it and throw the key into the Seine…meant to bring lots of luck to star crossed lovers. I was amused to see a controversial comment on this practice recently – follow this link to see another point of view.

Fed up of Bateaux Mouche along the Seine? Well then, try the boats that run between the Musée d’Orsay and Parc de la Villette – they pass along the Canal St Martin after passing underground around Bastille. Generally it is Parisians themselves who frequent this shady stroll, reminiscent of Amsterdam in several ways: there tend to be fewer tourists who make it here…Even better on Sundays when the traffic is banned and the cyclists come out to play, whilst runners and pedestrians alike share the empty roads. Make time to dine at one of the trendy restaurants strewn along its banks.

The biggest of all hearts in Paris is the Sacré Cœur. Not only is it two steps from the centre of Montmartre, but it is also spectacular and you get one of the best free views across Paris from its steps.

Views over Paris from steps of Sacre Coeur







The Association “Paris Par Rues Méconnues” is offering discounts on their unusual walks around Paris for the month of February as part of ‘Paris Romantique’ Check out their website at: They are an organisation firmly rooted in the principles of sustainable development providing opportunities to the underprivileged, the handicapped, working with local artists & shopkeepers plus giving tourists an insider view on life in Paris.

So anyway back to red roses, chocolates and wine for those hopeless romantics amongst you….

For Red roses I suggest you wander through the daily flower market on the Ile de la Cité where you can find all sorts of beautiful things. On Sundays there is also a bird market here.

Chocolate, ah chocolate.. (Well, I’m a girl so it’s completely normal I have a deep and lasting relationship with chocolate!) There are so many good places to find great chocolate in Paris, but for a really great experience go to Puerto Cacao which is a shop & bar where you can indulge in hot chocolate or even have a brunch with chocolate included. This is a social-based enterprise selling Fair Trade chocolate. There are two locations, one in the 12th Arrondissement near Bastille @2 rue Théophile Roussel and the other in the 17th Arrondissement near @53 rue de Tocqueville.

Wine? Well not just any wine, it has to be champagne for a special celebration…Try a glass of champagne or even a champagne cocktail at Point Bulles. Their Champagnes by Philippe Gonet are produced by a “culture raisonnée” a way of respecting natural production methods, reducing use of fertilisers etc. 7 Rue Clément, 75006 Paris

Happy Valentine’s Day to you all !!

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