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It’s time to party… it’s carnival !

March 1, 2011

Carnival season is already well underway around the world and for those of us that love a party and a parade, it’s a great time to visit…

So you have heard of carnival in Rio and in Venice, but did you know that Nice has its very own version too dating back hundreds of years? This year the theme is based around the Mediterranean Sea and even tips a wink at the famous underseas frenchman Jacques Cousteau who gets his very own float devoted to him (mais bien sur!)

King of the Mediterranean













Aside from the main parade there is a tribute to the local flower industry called the “Battle of the Flowers”

Watch this “Nice morning” video on the bataille des fleurs to get a feel for the atmosphere.


From an ecological point of view, businesses providers have all been chosen for their qualifications or labeling. 80% of the flowers used are produced locally. The parade even includes a float at the back devoted to sweeping up the confetti-producing floats at the head of the procession.

There are float names to get your imagination racing like The Flying Scorpion Fish or The 4 o’clock Wave and most of all there is lots of music and dancing going on late into the night…

For those who liked my Gotta go to REHAB post, the Nice carnival has more imaginative rubbish/trash art!!! Corinne Reinsch, a recycling specialist artist (of the Association ARTSENS)  has created an inter-active fresco representing her vision of paradise on earth with rosebuds, carnations and daisies all made of recycled materials. Fun workshops are also available for visitors to make masks and other creations.

There are celebrations daily then on Mardi Gras itself (Tuesday March 8th) festivities start winding down with a ceremonial burning of the poor King of the Mediterranean (at 8pm) followed by fireworks.

***** If Carnival processions are just your thing, then don’t miss out on the “Lemon Party” (Fete du Citron) happening over the same period just down the road at Menton near the Italian border.

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